Tuesday, May 17, 2016

NO GOOD DEED... (this library needs an enema)

     In the middle of the lunchtime rush today, one of the students said, “Mr. Kovac, I want to get you an enema as an end of the school-year gift.”
     I was like, “Whaaaaat???”
     The student seemed perplexed at my response, and said, “It’s a little figurine, called The Protector of Books. You know, an enema.”
     I could barely control myself, snorting and doubled-over. “Um… I don’t think you mean ‘enema.’ That’s something else, entirely!”
     “Crap. Oh my god. Well, it’s a word that sounds kind of like enema.”
     I told him he needed to go look up the word “enema.”
     Now thoroughly embarrassed, but not sure why, he said, “Don’t tell anybody I said that! I don’t know what it means, but don’t tell anybody!”
     I was still laughing pretty hard, like a Mean Girl, and taunting him. “I’m going to tell EVERYBODY.”
     “No, just forget I said that!”
     I began to finally take pity on him, and said, “Thank you, though, that sounds awesome. I like that, ‘Protector of Books.’ But really, you need to look up the word ‘enema,’ it’s pretty funny…”
     “No! I don’t want to know what I said!”
    So, to sum up this little episode: A student told me he was thinking of buying me a very thoughtful gift for the end of the school year, and I mocked him mercilessly. I will work on being less of a dick.

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