Sunday, June 22, 2014

VINTAGE BOOK FROM 1986 : "I Hate School"

I HATE SCHOOL : How to hang in & when to drop out
by Claudine G. Wirths & Mary Bowman-Kruhm
Illustrations by Patti Stren

     One of my fellow library technicians sent this to me. It was a result of one of her weeding frenzies, ditching obsolete materials. This is from 1986, and "school" was a pretty different animal then than it is now.
     I like how the subtitle, "How to hang in & when to drop out" indicates that dropping out might be a valid option for you. Maybe if you're, like, SUPER fucked-up, they advise you to go ahead and quietly drop out. Ride the rails as a hobo, maybe.
     Either my friend only sent me the dust jacket, or I lost the book itself, because all I have is this dust jacket and many questions about the dropping out option. Should I have dropped out? I really REALLY hated school. What if I chose poorly by deciding to "hang in?" Shit.