Friday, April 20, 2012

BULLETIN BOARDS & DISPLAY : Bottom Shelf and Superheroes

     One of our library regulars happens to be an Eagle Scout, and told us he wanted to do something for the library as his Eagle Scout Project. I guess this is something they have to do by their 18th birthday, and needs to be some type of public service/work. We suggested that he could make a slat-wall enclosure for the horribly ugly electrical tower that looms dangerously between the flag and the storage room.
Touch me! I am full of live electricity! I'm an accident waiting to happen!
     This room was originally built as a shop room, not a library, so it has high ceilings and some ungainly things that we've had to be creative in order to camouflage.
     Here's the lovely new facade/enclosure the student made for the ugly tower:
"Books From the Bottom Shelf"
     Isn't that nice? We're very happy with it. Not only does it completely camouflage the electrical tower (the side walls are white) but it gives us extra space for book displays because of the slats.
     Right now we're using it to highlight some of the books that get lost and forgotten on the lowest shelves.
"READ: What's On Your Most Wanted List?"
     We felt rather uninspired in the dull days after Spring Break, especially since we're losing all our credentialed Teacher Librarians for next school year. But we finally had to suck it up and ditch the Easter eggs, baby chicks, and "March is Women's History Month."
     We found some new posters we'd forgotten about in the back room, one of them with Batman and other superheroes. So I put together a display with novels that are about or related to superheroes and comic books (or have some cool sequential art tie-in). Here are a few of the titles:

Hero by Perry Moore
Will Eisner: a Dreamer's Life In Comics by Michael Schumacher
It's Superman! a novel by Tom de Haven
Mary Jane: a novel by Judith O'Brien
How To Disappear Completely And Never Be Found by Sara Nickerson
Sidekicks by Jack Ferraiolo
Interworld by Neil Gaiman