Monday, May 23, 2011

ROSEMARY'S WITCH : the better cover

Quite some time ago I did a post (here it is) about one of my favorite teen books which had an unfortunately horrible paperback cover illustration.  I was pretty sure I remembered the hardcover having a much cooler image, moodier and more indicative of the tone of the book.  
          Well, my mom, being the awesome mom that she is, found a copy of the hardcover through a rare book vendor and ordered it for me.  How sweet is that? 
The horrible "Babysitter's Club" style paperback cover
The awesome original hardcover image


  1. Aw, your mom is a real sweetheart to get you the rare hardcover of the book. You are so right, the hardcover illustration is very cool. Much, much better than the paperback cover.

  2. Oh, Tommy, you weren't kidding about the paperback cover. It looks very amateurish in design. I have to wonder who let that one slip through. If I had written that book, I'd be tearing my hair out or rushing around the country with copies of the old cover and pasting them on.

  3. I really liked this book because Rosemary is the same age as me,and she has to go and find a witch. Rosemary likes to achieve her goals. she was a good character.She did achieve her goal.