Friday, October 1, 2010


          The first week of school we had some horrible Back To School rally, the kind of thing I hated when I was an ill-tempered teen with no school spirit.  I still have no school spirit, so this kind of thing seems just as obnoxious to me now as it did then.
          Our ASB coordinator sent out the following message, which did not make me want to participate, although I did appreciate its strangely grim tone:

Dear Staff,
We would like staff members to participate in a game in the back to school rally this Thursday.
the game follows by putting a large rubberband around the face, above
the upper lip and under the ears. one must move the rubber band down
to their neck by using facial gestures only.
Please contact me if you are willing to participate.
Hope you're having a wonderful first week.

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  1. I also love the strangely grim tone. it's all so clinical, like a robot wrote it, a robot trying to fit in and using its "whimsical fun" setting.