Tuesday, December 11, 2012


     This is the Snilby, a character I created a few years ago for an animated series pitch called "Quiet, Please." The story takes place in a library in Hell, and the Snilby leads a grim life toiling for the shelving demons.
     This is a new drawing, because I figured out some upgrades for the Snilby, such as the tape-dispenser butt, glue horn, and staple bite. I think he's even more efficient now, and every library should have one.


  1. Could you maybe create a stuffed one? Like a Beanie Baby only of course not so cuddly or whimsical.

  2. That would be awesome, if I knew how to do such things! Even better if it could be actually functional, with the glue, tape, and staples. ;)

  3. What if you covered a stapler with fabric? Or a tape dispenser? You would probably need some of that white batting used in quilts to shape Snilby's head.
    I would buy one - of course it would probably get stolen off my counter!