Tuesday, March 13, 2012


"Read, Know, Grow," plus a sneak peek at the upcoming book fair
     Okay, after processing a bunch of new books we were able to order with profits from our Amazon Associates Account, I finally added wording to the Library Pinwheel Bunnies board. The Librarian suggested the old stand-by, "Read, Know, Grow..." Simple and springy.
     I just printed the letters out using the "Curlz" font on green paper.
     I also printed out some sneak preview pages from the Mrs. Nelson's Book Fair website. We're hosting one of their fairs the last week this month, right before we all go on spring break.
     By the way, the background on this bulletin board is striped because I didn't have enough of any one of these colors. Time to hit the school supply store, again.
     After spring break the only things I'll have to change right away are the Easter Eggs and book fair preview pages. That'll buy me some time.
     Our district is planning to lay off all the credentialed Teacher Librarians again this year. They threatened that last year, but this year the general consensus is that it will really happen. By law the district has to keep ONE Teacher Librarian, but how effective is that going to be, for 18 school sites? Please. Anyway, this will mean all of us Library technicians will have almost no support at all, and have to establish new parameters as far as what we're willing to do, and what we're NOT. Some services will have to go by the wayside. One person can only do so much.
     Anyway, that's one of the reasons I'm thinking bulletin board decorations may be low on the priorities list when we get back. There's already lots of angst and drama and resentments brewing. Easter Bunny better bring me some f*cking Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs.


  1. love the stripes! I much prefer the stripes to a one colour background, it reminds me of rainbow sherbet, or striped Easter eggs. And those bunnies! good job. i found your blog through your art site (which i also like!) and as a former (and future) library clerk, really enjoy it.

  2. Dear RH, thanks for the nice comments, and power to the library clerks!!! ;)

  3. I've gots to know...did you get your peanut butter eggs?

  4. HTL- Funny you should ask, I DID! From the Librarian. :) And not only that, but one of the students I work with obviously discovered my library blog, because she came in the day after I posted this and said, "Here, Mr. Kovac. It's not a peanut butter egg, but maybe it'll be close enough..." and handed me a piece of chocolate candy. She did it on the sly, with a wink. But the Librarian overheard and asked me about it. She thought it was really funny.

  5. This is an awesome bulletin board! I might have to borrow this idea for my school...