Friday, January 13, 2012

WONDERLAND : nice comments from a fellow blogger

          In my last post I cited Brian Sibley's blog post about Pauline Baynes as a source of info and images. I left a comment there, and he responded and said that in fact he had read my "Wonderland" graphic novel (illustrated by the talented Sonny Liew), and posted about it HERE. Isn't that cool? I had no idea, so that was a nice surprise.
          What's really cool is that he explains in his post (which is about all sorts of things Alice-related) who Elsie, Lacie, and Tillie were. If you don't remember, in Carroll's original work the Dormouse talks about them. In our graphic novel, the three sisters actually make an eerie appearance.

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  1. I really loved Wonderland, as can be seen from my enthusiastic review (written long before we knew of each other's blogs!) and as an Oz fan (after all, Dorothy is America's Alice) I must now get hold of The Royal Historian of Oz. Not only that but I am going to be tracking down your Autumn series.

    How very nice that we have been introduced, as it were, by the wonderful Pauline Baynes. I miss her very much and it is fantastic to think that she is responsible for our meeting in the blogosphere! :)